Pageant Training

This program has been designed to cultivate your presence and manner, in order to present a winning Pageant image.

Personalized Pageant Training and Image coaching from an experienced Pageant Winner, Valentina Mishra. If you are interested in getting a positive edge for your pageants, please contact me for prices and to set up an appointment.

Valentina provides you with the winning edge of premiere national professional interview coaching, public speaking instruction, image consultation and photography for pageant competitions worldwide.

My Private Pageant Coaching covers:

  • Effective Public Speaking/ Introductions
  • Personal Interview with Judges
  • Platform Issues
  • Stage Presentation/Modeling
  • Intensive Mock Interview Sessions
  • On-stage Introduction and Presence
  • Make-up & Wardrobe Selection
  • Physical Fitness
  • Photo Presentation
  • Filling Out Forms Correctly
  • Mock Pageant
  • Getting A Winning Pageant Headshot

I also give individualized training on: Posture, Poise, Runway Walking, Sitting, Makeup Application, Skin Care and Wardrobe Planning.